Research Project Grants for Child and Adolescent Neuroscience

– Team led by Prinicipal Investigator Dr Sara Labiano Almiñana of the Navarre Clinical University, Pamplona, comprising the Researchers: Dr Marta Alonso Roldán, Dr Ana García Osta and Dr María Esperanza Rodríguez Ruíz. Project Title: Study of mechanisms involved in neurocognitive deficit in survivors of a childhood brain tumour and development of therapeutic strategies to minimise long-term neurological sequelae.

– Team led by the Principal Investigator Dr Raul Andero Galí of the Institute of Neuroscience, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, comprising the Researchers: Dr Laura Pérez Caballero, Dr Ignacio J. Marín Blasco and Mr. Antonio Luis Florido Torres. Project Title: Preventive treatment and identification of early diagnostic biomarkers for post-traumatic stress disorder in adolescents.

– Team co-led by the Principal Investigators Dr Manuel Álvarez Dolado of CABIMER, Seville and Dr Francisco J. Esteban Ruíz of the University of Jaén, comprising the Researchers: Prof. María Magdalena Martínez Losa and Dr Maurizio Riga. Project Title: Childhood STXBP1encephalopathy: Molecular co-morbidity, genotype/phenotype correlation and advanced therapy.

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