Teresa Gómez Alemany

Graduated from the University of Barcelona in Medicine and Surgery (2007-2013), she further specialized in General Psychiatry in Benito Menni Hospital, where she undertook the training itinerary in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2015-2019).

She has an academic background with several periods of study and training abroad, including: a) ERASMUS program at “Karolinska Institutet” in Stockholm, Sweden (2012), b) IFMSA Program at “Hospital Civil Fray Antonio Alcalde” in Guadalajara, Mexico (2013) and c) Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Observership abroad at “The Royal Children’s Hospital” in Melbourne, Australia (2018-19) on a scholarship of the Spanish Society of Biological Psychiatry (FEPSM).

She pursued further education at a master level conducting: a) “Master in Clinical Problem Solving Skills” granted by the University of Alcalá (2014-2015); b) “Master in Introduction to Mental Health Research” organized by CIBERSAM and imparted by the University of Barcelona (2015-2016) and c) “Master in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry” taught by the University Autonoma de Barcelona (2016-2018), in which she presented her research project on “Mental Health in international adopted children”. She attended several certified courses such as the “Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Course – ADOS-2” and the “Autism Diagnostic Review Schedule Course – ADI-R”, and was also selected to participate in the “Workshop on Clinical Research Methods Course” organized by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology and the “ABCs of Psychotherapy” organized by the “European Psychiatry Association Summer School” in Brussels.

She was elected as a Board Member and Chair of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Working Group for two consecutive years (2016-2018) in both the Spanish Society of Psychiatry Trainees and the European Federation of Psychiatry Trainees. During that period, she led many different projects in relation to child psychiatry at European level. She was also elected to represent the European trainees for two consecutive years at the annual meeting of the European Union of Medical Specialists – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department.

She participated in more than 25 oral and written presentations in both national and international congresses, forums and meetings, and was a member of the jury in different awards including “EFPT Excellence Award” (2017 & 2018) and the “UEMS – Information Technology Secretary” (2017).

She received different international recognitions: a) “The European Psychiatry Association Scholarship Award” in Poland (2019); the “Donald J. Cohen Fellowship Scholar” given by the “International Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professionals” in Czech republic (2018), the “Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology Fellowship Award” received in Japan at their annual national congress (2018) and the mention of the “American Woman Psychiatrist Association” with the “Ellen Violett International Scholar” received during the American Psychiatry Association Congress in San Diego, EEUU (2017).

Thanks to Alicia Koplowitz Foundation, she is going to further continue her training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Bellevue Center Hospital – New York University for the next two years.

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