Irene Esteban Cornejo

Irene Esteban Cornejo (Segovia, 1988) has a Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science (2010) from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Her predoctoral research work focused on examining the influence of lifestyles and health-related markers in the academic and cognitive performance of children and adolescents, and she went on to do a doctorate in Physical Activity and Sports Science with the Autonomous University of Madrid (2014). She has undertaken pre- and post-doctoral stays in USA, Brazil and Portugal. She is the author of more than 20 articles, all indexed in the JCR, and has participated as a speaker and communicator in over 16 national and international congresses, symposia and scientific meetings.

Recently, she started in the Neuroscience area as a Juan de la Cierva Posdoctoral Research Fellow (2015) at University of Granada (Spain). Her main research area is developed as part of the ActiveBrains Project, a randomized control trial in overweight/obese children which aims to examine the effect of an exercise program on cognition and functional and structural brain changes using structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electroencephalographic recordings.

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