2016 Call

2016 Call

The Research Grants in the Area of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry were awarded to:

- The team led by Dr María Luisa Soto Montenegro from the Gregorio Marañón University General Hospital in Madrid, comprising the researchers: Dr Juan Salvador Nacher Roselló, Dr Esther Berrocoso Domínguez and Dr Alejandro Higuera Matas. Project Title: “Physical Exercise and N-Acetyl Cysteine as Preventive Therapies in the Appearance of Schizophrenia During Adolescence: Preclinical Molecular Imaging and Behavioural Studies.”

- The team led by Dr Mar Fatjó-Vilas Mestre from the Benito Menni Mental Health Care Complex Hospital in Barcelona, comprising the researchers: Dr Carme Gallego, Dr Edith Pomarol Clotet and Dr Peter J. McKenna. Project Title: "Synaptic Plasticity and Age of Onset of Psychotic Disorders: a Molecular Analysis of Neuritin."

- The team led by Dr María Yolanda de Diego Otero from the University Regional Hospital in Malaga, comprising the researchers: Dr Rafaela Caballero Andaluz, Dr Lucia Pérez Costillas and Dr Guadalupe Guzmán Alvarez. Project Title: "Interaction of Metabolism and Environment in Appearance and Severity of Autistic Spectrum Disorders."

- The team led by Dr Olga Puig Navarro from the Clínic Hospital in Barcelona, comprising the researchers: Dr Anabel Martínez Arán, Dr Eva Varela Bodenlle and Dr Eric L. Granholm. Project Title: "Cognitive-behavioural Training Programme in Social Skills in Early Onset Psychotic Disorders: Efficacy in Improvement of Psychotic Symptoms, Psychosocial Functioning and Neurobiological Markers of Stress".

The Research Projects in Child and Adolescent Neurosciences awarded grants in 2016 were:

- The team led by Dr Maria Dolores Ledesma Muñoz from the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Centre in Madrid (CBMSO- CSIC), comprising the researchers: Dr Adrián Bartoll Andrés, Dr Irene Palomares Pérez and Mr Fernando Senovilla Sanz. Project: "Pharmacological Characterisation and Prevention of Cognitive and Psychiatric Changes in Niemann Pick Disease Type C".

- The team led by Dr Albert Compte Braquets from the August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS) in Barcelona, comprising the researchers: Dr Josep Dalmau and Dr Daniel Linares Herreros. Project: "Cognitive Changes in Adolescent Patients with Anti-NMDAR Receptor Encephalitis: Possible Dysfunction in Time Continuity Perception and its Mechanisms".

- The team led by Dr Maria Lourdes Arbonés de Rafael from the Barcelona Molecular Biology Institute (IBMB-CSIC), comprising the researchers: Dr Susana de la Luna Gargantilla, Dr María José Barallobre Filgueira and Dr Sonia Najas Sales. Project: "Pathogenic Mechanisms of Intellectual Disability Syndrome due to Mutations in the DYRK1A Gene".


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