Collaboration with other institutions

To meet its statutory objectives, the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation cooperates with other national and international institutions, which conduct activities that are coherent with or complementary to its own.

Collaborative Agreement with Professor Uría Foundation:

On the 17th of May 2010, the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation and the Professor Uría Foundation entered into a COLLABORATIVE AGREEMENT to design and implement child and adolescent support programmes.

Collaboration between both Foundations is based on the Children’s rights convention and among others, it will contemplate the following aspects:

a) joint organization of seminars, debate forums and scientific symposia around relevant subjects for child and adolescent protection, training and development;

b) collaboration in activities promotion children’s rights and improvements in their quality of life;

c) create a forum for professionals directly or indirectly involved with child protection, who after identifying legal matters that might be an obstacle to the development and protection of children's rights, will hold periodic meetings and will organise open seminars for other professionals;

d) taking part in awareness projects with related organisations in order to combine forces to improve laws for minors and children's and adolescent's quality of life, in general.

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